Non-Return Valve(Check Valve)




These check valves are designed for installation in liquid, suction and hotgas lines on commercial refrigerating systems and on civil and industrial air-conditioning systems.


The valves can be installed in any section of a refrigerating system, where it is necessary to avoid an inversion of the refrigerating flow. Before connecting the valve to the pipe it is to make sure that the refrigerating system is clean. Infact the valves with PTFE seats are particularly sensitive to dirt and debris. Furthermore check that the flow direction in the pipe corresponds to the arrow stamped on the body of the valve.



The main parts of the valves are made with the following materials :

» Extruded brass as per BS-218.
» Stainless steel for the spring.
» Neoprene rubber for the gland.
» PTFE for seat.

    Operating Temp Operating Pressure
Model Size Flare °C Min °C Max PSI (Max)
NRV - 6 1/4"



NRV - 10 3/8"
NRV - 12 1/2"
NRV - 15 5/8"

Model DIMENSIONS (MM) Weight
H D gm
NRV-6 58.5 25.4 90
NRV-10 61 25.4 100
NRV-12 72 29 150
NRV-15 83 36.5 230